More Milford! (And some Lake Te Anau)

20170215_021759099_iOSI was asked for more Milford, so here’s more Milford! And honestly, how does one get enough Milford anyway?

When the chance to go to NZ finally happens, the difficulty is choosing what to do. Milford Sound or Doubtful sound? We chose Milford.

But then, as luck would have it, we also got the chance to head out onto Lake Te Anau and finally fly over Doubtful Sound on a really beautiful day. We took a cruise on Lake Te Anau with Peter, a local guy. Very friendly, lots of local knowledge to share and he took us on a nature walk too. The sunniest, clearest day. And we were the only people on the boat with him!

It was a wonderful time. Peter set us up with a different tour so we went right from the boat to a small plane and flew over Doubtful Sound. You have to squeeze it all in when the weather is on your side! Thanks for reading.

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