Loving the NZ wineries!

Yes, they are everything you’re hoping for… and more! The Sauvignon blancs have a special appeal when you’re on the move and sightseeing in hot weather. Some favorite moments in NZ went a little like this: set out on a walk, spot a winery sign, and take a quick detour! Some wineries also serve lunch. For the really good places, make a reservation several days ahead if you want to eat there. Lunch was particularly wondrous at Te Awa winery near Hastings (North Island). A beautiful menu. We ate there with my second cousins who we met for the first time on this trip to New Zealand. Previous generations of our family have been close and in touch more often. Lunch at Te Awa was a really special gathering for us. Learning about family we hadn’t known, and feeling like a family right from the start. That day will stay with me.


In Wanaka we stumbled across Rippon. We were already amazed by the scenery around the lake there. And Wanaka had already made my shortlist of places I could live in NZ… you know – should the need arise! But then nothing could have prepared us for the scenery at Rippon! Such an extraordinary view. And we reasoned that we’d need a bottle of wine to go with dinner tonight, so a wine tasting was in order.


Finally, Waiheke Island. Now, if you want a day full of wineries, wine-tasting, and scenery, head out of your hotel in Auckland and go straight to the ferries (include the island bus with your fare). Hop on the next ferry to Waiheke. And in 40 minutes you’re in wine-tasting heaven. It didn’t take us long to find our lunch spot. We aimed off the beaten track a little and arrived at Kennedy Point Winery.

Gorgeous refreshing lunch. Beautiful view. We needed that! Then onwards! We could have spent several days exploring Waiheke.



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