We live in a beautiful world

We had a couple of crazy driving days in New Zealand. One of those days included taking in some views of Mount Cook and Lake Pukaki. Lakes and mountains are part of our lives living here in the Pacific Northwest. It turns out that this didn’t prepare me in the slightest for the beauty of Mount Cook. Lake Pukaki is startling bright blue. With the mountain range set behind, it’s an incredible sight. That night as we ate in Poppies Café in Twizel, Beautiful Word by Coldplay came on. As I heard the words, I was almost in tears. Mount Cook, Lake Pukaki and all the other amazing sights we saw that day moved me. I have so much gratitude for the experience we had, the scenery and the peace we found in New Zealand.

Twizel was a good overnight spot. A small town, with a few motels, and Poppies Café was a real treat. Highly recommended! It was very busy but we were early for dinner that night. Reservations recommended. We stayed in Mountain Chalets Motel. Kind of a funky set up. Could have been in a small town in the USA. You park up right outside, and our A-frame had a few rooms, including an upstairs. Very importantly – aircon!! And a pretty reasonable kitchenette if you fancy cooking up something simple. When we arrived, somehow there was someone already in our room. They had misheard their room number. A French couple who only knew a few words of English and were absolutely beside themselves with embarrassment. It really wasn’t a problem. I’m hoping they aren’t still worrying about it!


If we went again, I’d book ahead and stay at Lakestone Lodge. It’s right on the lake and the views look amazing. Booking ahead is key; not much accommodation nearby. Which brings me to this: the remoteness of the lake, the Alpine turquoise blue, and the unspoiled, almost untouched landscape make this place absolutely magnificent.


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