Your first day starts early in Auckland

International flights arrive early in Auckland; we arrived at 6.40am on our flight from LAX. I wasn’t sure how to handle it, but we figured out a plan and we were pretty comfortable all day (much coffee was consumed). Here’s a recommendation if the budget stretches:

  • Consider booking business class with flat-bed sleeping for your trip to Auckland. Air New Zealand 777-300 has great business class seats that become flat beds. Highly recommend.
  • Book ahead with a hotel that offers a spa with showers if possible.
  • Call ahead to check the hotel will give you spa access on arrival.
  • Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage that matches your arrival weather.

While we couldn’t get into our hotel room until 3pm, we did get spa access, a shower, and a change of clothes. That helped us a great deal! Highly recommend the Sofitel, Auckland. We began and ended our vacation there.

Need a more budget-friendly option? Drop off your luggage, and bring your swimwear and a change of clothes to a local swimming pool or leisure center. There may be other good options in this Trip Advisor Auckland forum, or post your own question there!

Happy Travels!


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